Eros hotel (1980) Spain | Erotic Classic Adult Movie


Eros hotel (1980) Spain | Erotic Classic Adult Movie |
Three Italian couples and a single Italian girl, the title character, check in an Istanbul hotel. The hotel attendant is spying on the customers with a network of hidden cameras. The three female tourists are unsatisfied with the sex they get from their partners who are more into light kinks rather than straightforward love-making. The hotel attendant sells them an aphrodisiac he has manufactured. But will he himself be able to get Daniela? This is a very enjoyable sex farce shot in Istanbul. It is very silly. In a few purely kitsch scenes, it looks as if the director is over-doing it self-consciously. One plus of the movie is the presence of Violetta Cera who plays Daniela. She cannot really act, but is quite cute and pretty. The Italian video I watched has what appears to be brief remnants of inserts (scope of the screen image changes when those footage come up!), but there is not anything far more explicit in those inserts as they were preserved in this Italian video than there is already in the main body of the movie; perhaps the video is cut. My theory is that the movie was apparently shot as a soft core film and hardcore material was later added via inserts for theatrical release, but the hardcore imagery was culled from the video version with only the beginning frames of the inserts carelessly left in. A hardcore version is apparently available in German as _Oculus_. There is also a Spanish video titled _Eros Hotel_, but I have no idea as to its difference from the Italian video.

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