11 Days 11 Nights (1987) Eleven Days Eleven Nights – Italy | Erotic Classic Movie


11 Days 11 Nights (1987) Eleven Days Eleven Nights – Italy | Erotic Classic Movie |
Not enough nudity to be classed as ’soft porn’, not enough tension to be an ’erotic thriller’ and not enough laughs to be a comedy. But Eleven Days, Eleven Nights stands out as one of the better erotic movies in that it has a viable plot, fair acting and the direction & photography are at times exquisite. The softcore sex scenes contain something for everyone – flashing, sex in a public place, transvestitism, even briefly a threesome. The story centres around a young lady called Sarah writing a book about her 100 sexual conquests, played by the unbelievably mature 19 year-old Jessica Moore. Number 100 is an ordinary American guy named Michael who is working as an engineer on a construction site…the trouble is he’s getting married in 11 days time. As Michael falls for Sarah he doesn’t realise that he is merely being used for this book and puts his fiancee (who first suspects, then later knows) through hell even as she prepares for their upcoming wedding. Trouble is, Sarah is falling for Michael too…who will Michael end up with? This was the film that was an international video hit in 1987, and put Joe D’Amato back on the map as a director. Now available (in the UK at least) on DVD. The low budget is used wisely and rarely shows. Most of the principle actors seem to have had short careers which is a shame…and the opening 10 minutes will make every woman wish she owned a black plastic mac!!

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